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In der ersten Augustwoche 2017 sind Black Label Immobilien und Achim Amann in einem 3-seitigen Interview näher vorgestellt worden.  Den Artikel können Sie hier lesen:


How Black Label Properties Is Guiding Investors Through Berlin’s Soaring Property

Berlin’s real estate market is increasingly becoming a globally sought-after brand.

Visitors to Berlin these days won’t have to look far for signs of its booming property market.

Nearly every corner of the German capital is awash in new real estate developments, ranging from soaring luxury condominiums towers to fully renovated pre-war buildings. Many of the new properties boast prices and upscale amenities virtually unthinkable in Berlin a decade ago.

The construction boom is being fueled, in part, by international buyers who have flooded the city in recent years as property prices rise along with Berlin’s profile as a place to invest.

And few real estate firms have managed to guide more of those investors through the city’s ever-expanding marketplace than Black Label Properties, the estate agent that has been catering to international clients for more than two decades.

The firm keeps offices in Berlin and London and has fostered real estate partnerships in Asia and the Middle East where a steady influx of buyers are investing in Berlin.

Beyond advising buyers on where to invest, Black Label also helps coordinate financing with international finance experts and mortgage brokers that work with the firm.  The company also offers management and consulting for residential and commercial buildings, as well as rented properties in Germany.

“Berlin has been experiencing major development for years, but we’re now seeing sustained growth in the property market year after year,” says Achim Amann, director at Black Label Properties. Responsible for international marketing and account management, Amann spent more than a decade advising European property developers in marketing and sales of real estate before landing in Berlin in 2008.

Since then he and his business partner, Andreas Müller, have watched the city’s real estate fortunes skyrocket. Home values  are up 49% over the past five years, according to German Real Estate Association (IVD), elevating the German capital to one of the fastest appreciating markets in Europe.

Foreign investors, emboldened by Germany’s economic stability, accounted for 76 per cent of those transactions, the IVD survey says. The city now ranks first in Europe for investment prospects and capital value increases, according to a survey by PwC and the Urban Land Institute.

Black Label has carved out an important and lucrative niche advising global investors as well as property developers on where to invest in Berlin and where to find the best value.

The firm is currently marketing several new properties with international appeal.

WAVE Waterside Living Berlin is a new condominium project under construction in the sought-after Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. The project, designed by award-winning architectural firm GRAFT, will include two interacting residential buildings directly located at the river Spree and the eastern harbor in Berlin. It will have 161 apartments, including a six room, waterfront penthouse measuring 200 square meters with panoramic views and  a private sun deck.


Weisse Villa Westend is a project on a leafy street in Berlin’s western side that will include seven modern villas with 2.7m high ceilings and floor to ceiling glass windows. Lenz Werk Holding GmbH is developing the project.

“We’ve seen this market grow and attract foreign and German investment in ways most people didn’t realize was possible just a few years ago,” Amann says. “But we’re finding value for investors because we study market trends and know where to find value.”

Property values are rising fastest in long-neglected areas of the city, Amann says. Formerly rundown locations from Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg to Kreuzberg and Neukölln are seeing increased investment bringing newly built condominiums sparkling with fitness centers, spas, and penthouse apartments.

Prices for homes in Berlin are also continuing to rise.

In Berlin, high-end home prices rose 8.7% last year, and sales of homes priced above €7,500 (US$8,029) per square meter has more than quadrupled since 2011, according to a report by Knight Frank.

Sales for homes priced above €10,000 (US$10,705) per square meter, a subsection of luxury Knight Frank calls “superprime,” have also increased from five in 2011 to 18 in 2016.

Much of the new energy in the city is being fueled by its creative and social scenes, which have long been shaped by the artists and hipsters and its creative, open-minded ethos. But the city is seeing a surge in commercial activity as well.

Online retailer Zalando SE , digital maps maker Here and startup-developer Rocket Internet SE have become big-name fixtures in Berlin’s new corporate landscape. New-economy companies based in Berlin rub shoulders with innovation centers of more-established tech competitors including Microsoft, German software giant SAP SE and networking firm Cisco Systems.

The city and its surroundings now boast sizable factories of industrial companies including German engineering group Siemens AG and British jet-engine maker Rolls-Royce PLC. Berlin is the global headquarters of railroad manufacturing for BombardierInc. of Canada.


Achim Amann, director at Black Label Properties who is responsible for international marketing and key account management.

„All of these companies and the corporate invest they bring shows that Berlin has arrived as a business hub,“ adds Achim Amann. „So we’re seeing both the commercial and residential side of the city really starting to take off.“

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